Homemade Micellar Water With Cheap And Natural Ingredients

Homemade Micellar Water With Cheap And Natural Ingredients

Natural cosmetics continues to gain space, as millions of women recognize the importance of taking care of their skin with natural products and without chemical additives that can cause irritation or long-term damage.

In this sense, the popularity of micellar waters as the favorite all-in-1 cosmetic for women has increased the concern of some users to prepare their own homemade micellar water. Read on to learn how to do it without spending a lot of money. 

If you are here it is because, surely, you have already used micellar water or have heard of its noble properties. But, if not, do not worry, here we will make a summary about this product so that you know it better.

Micellar water emerged in France for decades and its main use was in the hospital environment for cleaning burns. However, its properties were recognized in the world of cosmetics to be used as a very complete make-up remover and cleanser for the face, as it is also capable of hydrating and nourishing the skin.

The secret of this product are the micelles, molecules that have a part soluble in water and another soluble in lipids. It is precisely this duality that gives micellar water the property of being able to encapsulate and dissolve dirt and impurities from the skin without causing irritation, as it is not abrasive at all. 

For this reason, currently the main cosmetic brands in the world have their own micellar water, combined with other components to offer specialized formulas for each skin type. Thus, there are products for normal, dry or oily skin, making this cosmetic essential for every woman and professional makeup artists. 

Consequently, natural cosmetics also offers the possibility of creating your own micellar water with few ingredients that, in addition to being natural, are very cheap and easy to buy in any specialized store. So if you dare to prepare homemade micellar water, continue reading the step by step.

DIY Micellar Water

On the Internet you can find specialized stores to buy the ingredients and prepare your own micellar water, completely natural and with the same properties as commercial brand products.

Next, we show you the ingredients and quantities that you will need to make a micellar water suitable for mature skin.

 10 ml of ginseng extract 

 20 ml of vegetable glycerin.

 20 ml of cucumber extract.

 30 ml of aloe vera extract.

 70 ml of rose hydrosol

 20 drops of natural preservative (Sharomix)

 A 150 ml bottle with dispenser.

Now, as you can see, the ingredient that will be used in the greatest quantity is rose hydrosol, a natural solution that tones and regenerates the skin. This component is the most suitable for mature skin that needs deep hydration, it will also give micellar water a soft rose fragrance.

For its part, aloe vera will provide its soothing, healing and regenerative properties to improve the health of the skin, while the cucumber extract will stimulate and refresh the dermis. Additionally, the anti-aging, firming and antioxidant actions will be provided by the ginseng, and the vegetable glycerin will be the oily part of the micellar preparation that will help encapsulate the dirt for easy removal.

As you can see, this solution is very complete and will fulfill its function of cleaning, moisturizing and toning the skin. 


As in a chemical laboratory, you should start with the sterilization of the utensils, since it will be essential to guarantee a correct process in the preparation of your cosmetics.

For the micellar water, you will need a measuring cylinder or cup, a large container, and a cosmetic mixer. Now, you must follow a few simple steps to get your cleaning product in no time:

1. Measure each of the ingredients, then mix the rose hydrosol with the aloe vera extract and the cucumber extract with the spatula inside the sterilized container.

2. Then add the ginseng and mix again, add the vegetable glycerin and the 20 drops of preservative. Stir the solution until it is completely homogenized.

3. Finally, the solution will be ready to pack in the bottle and start using it in your facial routine.

A Solution For Every Skin Type

The specific effect of homemade micellar waters is given by the combination of hydrolates and extracts. In the case of oily or combination skin, the most indicated hydrolate is thyme, which must be mixed with extracts of horsetail, aloe vera, cornflower or pomegranate, as they have high sebum-regulating properties.

For dry skin, lavender hydrolate is appropriate as it is an antibacterial toner with a healing effect. For this micellar water to work even better, it must include rice, arnica or fucus extract that soothe and hydrate the skin. 

In case you want to prepare a generic micellar water that any woman can use, regardless of the type of skin she has, you can use 100 ml of rose hydrolate with 75 ml of aloe vera, mix with 20 ml of vegetable glycerin and add 4 ml of polysorbate 80. The latter is an emulsifier that stabilizes the mixture, while retaining water to contribute to the hydrating properties of micellar water. 

At the end of this mixture add 20 drops of preservative, the same used in the formula for mature skin. 

Now, if you have atopic skin, which is easily irritated and reddened in certain areas, it is best to prepare a micellar water with chamomile hydrolate with cotton, oat or rice extract. This combination will refresh the skin and help to improve irritation, as it is not abrasive. 

With this information, we have no doubt that at home and with totally natural ingredients, we can develop a product that may be the best micellar water of the moment , as it will be a personalized formula, designed especially for your skin type and to which you can add different components to enhance its effectiveness.

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